Your Guide to Baby Showers – Part 3

Welcome to our third post in the series on Baby Showers!


So you have invited all the guests round, everyone’s had a bite to eat. It’s now time to have some fun!


You have probably read so many articles on fun games to entertain your guests. Depending on who you are inviting it can be difficult to entertain all types of guests. Some may invite both men and women, some people don’t like competition or can be shy and some people don’t have children. Also lets face it, mummy-to-be is probably feeling uncomfortable at this stage in her pregnancy so feeling her belly and measuring ribbon around her waist may not be suitable for all mums-to-be. Here at Babycchinos we have chosen some of our faves and added a few of our own ideas that we think can cater to all guests and mamas-to-be.


Here we go…


  • Match the Theme: If you are having a themed party (check out our previous post here), add this flavour to your games. For example if you are having a Disney theme, you can host a game of guessing the Disney theme tune.
  • Baby Boggle: Everyone loves a good old game of Boggle. The catch is to name as many “baby-related” words as possible in under a minute. The person with the most words wins!






  • Guess the Celebrity Baby: Split the group into teams. Pin up various celebrity babies and hold a trivia of who’s baby is it? The team with the most correct answers wins!
  • Baby Love: Ask your guests to write on a piece of paper a piece of parenting advice they would give or a lovely message to the newborn. These make for a lovely keepsake
  • Baby Raffle: Sell raffle tickets at the beginning of the party to raise money for the new arrival. Or ask guest to bring a pack of baby nappies in exchange for a raffle ticket. Let there be three prizes and gifts which can be enjoyed by those with kids or without. Gift cards are always a winner! 😉






  • Baby Scavenger Hunt: We love this idea! Although may take some time and work setting this up but this is a fantastic icebreaker. Split the group into teams and let them follow “baby-themed” clues to the treasure (prize). Whoever finds the treasure first, wins!
  • Guess the Crave: This game will have your guests in stitches as people guess what cravings mama-to-be has had during her pregnancy. The cravings people will come out with are bound to be hilarious!
  • Icing on the Cake: Bring out the inner baker in your guests by asking them to pipe creative “baby themed” icing on plain store-bought fairy cakes. Makes for delicious treats at teatime J





  • Baby Food Tasting: This one’s a classic! Get random jars of baby food and remove the labels (but don’t forget to keep a note of each jar’s flavour. Label each jar with a number and keep a list out of sight). Ask everyone to taste and guess the flavour of the baby food. The person with the most accurate guesses wins!
  • Baby Play Dough: Who doesn’t love Play Dough? Have some fun by asking guests to make a baby out of Play Dough. The artist with the best baby “sculpture” wins! This is bound to get a lot of laughs 😉 

What fun games and activity ideas do you have for your baby shower?  Which ones were the most memorable?  We’d love to hear all about it, please comment below!

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