Your Guide To Baby Showers – Part 2

Following on from our previous blog on Baby Showers, we mentioned a nifty trend which has come over from the States, and that is Baby Showers which are based on revealing the gender of the baby. This can either be a surprise for the parents to be, organised by family or friends or a way for the parents-to-be to reveal the gender of the baby to their guests.


So let’s dive in!


1) The proof is in the pudding!


Let the answer lie in the cake – the secret lies in the colour of the sponge of the cake which is covered with colourful icing. When mummy-to-be cuts the first slice of the cake – viola! The colour of the sponge (using simple food colouring) reveals the gender of the baby – pink for girl and blue for boy. This is done by slipping the baker an envelope which contains the sex of the baby and the baker uses the appropriate food colouring for the reveal. Don’t you love a sweet ending? 🙂

Psst, another option is to simply colour coordinate the colour of the icing that sits in between the sponges of the cake.

Secret tip: the worst thing is getting the colour wrong! (Oops!) so many couples ask a friend or a family member to bake the cake.



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2) Who said Pinata’s are just for kids?


Now this one we love! Fill the Pinata with blue or pink wrapped candy or paper confetti and when bashed open, everyone will be showered with the surprise! Simple, creative, and an awesome way to let off steam!

We love this Pinata from Party Pieces:


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3) Pop Goes The Balloon!


Fill a neutral coloured balloon with pink or blue coloured confetti. When the balloons are popped, Boom! The secret is exposed!


4) Cookie Monster

We love this super easy recipe from where you simply add coloured sprinkles to the centre of an Oreo cookie (pink sprinkles for a girl or blue sprinkles for a boy) and dip the cookie in melted chocolate! Your guests will take one heavenly bite and viola! The secret is out!


Picture source:


5) Take a Gamble


Another favourite of ours is this unique (and rather easy on the wallet) idea of scratch cards to reveal the gender of the baby. We love this Stork design by Enchanting by Design on

scratch cards

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6) The fortune is in the cookie

A unique spin on a timeless classic – Fortune Cookies! Why not hide a tiny scroll inside the cookie which reveals the gender of the baby? You can even have fun with it by writing a short poem or a joke! do all the work for you by offering you a personalisation service from the message inside to the outside wrapper. What could be easier than that?


7) Find the Treasure!

A fun and interactive way to reveal the gender of the baby is to organise a treasure hunt for all your guests! Starting with one clue, set your guests on a series of clues and places to finally find the location of the box which contains the valuable treasure of the gender of the baby!


We hope you loved our ideas and recommendations. Feel free to share with family and friends and let us know your thoughts by commenting below!


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