Your Guide To Baby Showers – Part 1

So the due date is coming fast and mummy is in her third trimester. Time to celebrate the impending arrival! There are so many things to think about whether the parents-to-be are hosting it or someone else. We’ve summarized an essential guide to hosting a babyshower over a series of blogs. Let the fun begin with Baby Showers – Part 1!




First things first, the invites. As well as female relatives and friends, don’t forget the in-laws and make a special area for the men at the party. These days invites are sent online through Facebook or e-invites.




Depending on the number of guests there are various venues to choose from. If you are going for a small party, how about a friend’s / relative’s garden when the weather is nice? For a bigger affair why not hire a banqueting hall? If that’s not to your liking a simple house party is always a winner. Of course the one thing that is important here is that mummy-to-be is comfortable so make sure that all the relevant amenities are available for her needs and that travelling isn’t too difficult.




Depending on whether the gender of the baby is known or not, pick a theme to remember the moment. We have a few ideas below:


Gender is known




1)   Nautical theme

2)   Prince theme

3)   Spaceman theme

4)   Sports theme

5)   Toy robot theme


We absolutely love this Nautical themed babyshower set from Etsy.







1)   Princess theme

2)   Alice in Wonderland theme

3)   “Everything Pink” theme

4)    Floral theme

5)   “Little Diva” theme

Helpful Hint: Why not go for a themed Afternoon Tea? That way you don’t have to worry about catering and no washing up!

We love the Mad Hatter’s Afternoon Tea at the Sanderson Hotel:




Gender is not known


1)   Baby Disney theme

2)   Stork theme

3)   Peter Rabbit theme

4)   Sweet Shop theme

5)   Chocolate theme

6)   Floral theme

7)   Mother Goose theme

8)   Baby animals theme

9)   Vintage Glamour theme

10) A theme which relates to the mother or father’s interest, for example the mum’s favourite Disney movie or the dad’s favourite food cuisine (e.g. Chinese or Indian)

11) Theme by colour, for example the couple’s favourite colour is yellow so everyone has to wear yellow and the decorations are in yellow

12) Honeymoon theme – relating to where the parents-to-be had their honeymoon

13) BBQ theme (or Baby-q theme :))


Mix it up!


Having twins? Or even triplets? Mix and match the above themes to come up with your very own ideas.


Gender Reveal Ideas


Why not use the baby shower as a way to reveal the gender of the baby? This can either be a surprise for the parents to be, organised by family or friends or a way for the parents-to-be to reveal the gender of the baby to the guests!


Join us next time for some fun and fabulous gender reveal ideas!

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