Winter Baby Guide

As the temperatures take a dip, its important to know what baby essentials you need to keep your baby warm this winter. We at Babycchinos have prepared this Winter Baby Guide so you and your baby will be prepared for the elements on your Winter adventures!

The key to keeping your baby warm is layering. Not only is layering better as this insulates with layers of air to keep baby warm, but you can also remove or add layers to adapt to your baby’s comfort. As babies lose body heat faster than adults, experts advise to layer the baby with one more layer than what you as an adult are wearing as a general rule of thumb.

It’s also important to use the correct materials to suit the environment, i.e. wind proof and waterproof garments for outdoors and breathable materials indoors.


Indoor Essentials


Cotton rompers are often ideal for indoors, but if it’s a particularly cold winter and indoors is not quite warm enough, a velour romper is ideal. These are warmer and cosy and perfect to keep baby that extra bit warm without adding too many layers.

Some rompers come with feet coverings which are ideal for keeping those tootsies warm. If this is not the case, use soft warm booties to keep baby’s feet warm. These can always be removed if you find baby is feeling too warm.

We at Babycchinos have a lovely collection of buttery soft velour rompers. One of our favourites is this neutral lil ducks rompers, perfect for boy or girl.

"Lil' Duckies" Fleece Babygrow Romper Babysuit

“Lil’ Duckies” Velour Babygrow – only £9.99


Cardigans are a baby Winter essential. These are the perfect add-on to when it gets a little nippy. Simply pop on top of an outfit (cotton romper or top) and this adds that added warmth instantly. Choose a cardigan which has a simple front fastening for easy access. These are handy to keep in your bag for layering – just in case!

Babycchinos has a wonderfully simple cardigan range.


Bee Bo Cardigan – Pink – only £6.99


 Outdoor Essentials

 Snowsuit / Pramsuit

Snowsuits or Pramsuits are ideal for taking your baby outdoors. This is not an outfit in itself, but rather this fits on top of a regular outfit. These are ideal as these are often wind proof which prevents the chill getting in and covers the feet and hands nicely. You can select snowsuits which have removable mitts and booties if you prefer. Pick one that is also breathable for baby’s skin.

Babycchinos have an adorable collection of snowsuits. The below Jack & Lily Red Snowsuit is simply one of our favourites 🙂

red lily & jack snowsuit

Red Lily & Jack Snowsuit – only £29.99

Hats, mittens and booties

Its important to keep your baby’s head, hands and feet warm as these are the most sensitive parts and where most of the heat escapes from. Some snowsuits come with a hat, mitts and booties. If yours does not come with these, then add these to the list. This is practical because if the baby overheats, you can remove these to cool baby down.

We simply love this neutral designed bumble bee hat by our friends at Piccalilly. Sumptuously soft and made from organic cotton!

Organic Cotton "Bumble Bee" Hat By Piccalilly

Organic Cotton “Bumble Bee” Hat By Piccalilly – only £4.99


Blankets are perfect for the stroller to put over your baby for added warmth. Fleece blankets in particular are better suited for Winter as these are better at retaining heat and are more robust to keep out the harsher elements of the cold wind, rain and snow.

Check out collection of wonderfully soft and warm fleece blankets. This colourful double sided Safari fleece blanket is one for our Babycchinos’ favourites!

Double Sided Super Soft Little Safari Blanket

Double Sided Super Soft Little Safari Blanket – only £14.99


Important Tip

Whilst keeping baby warm this Winter, it’s important to ensure baby does not overheat. Look for signs of overheating such as sweating, heat rash, damp hair and rapid breathing. If you see this, remove some layers to reduce the body temperature. If these conditions persist, see a doctor as soon as possible.


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