Why Organic Cotton?

Babycchinos are excited to share we have teamed up with our friends at Piccalilly to provide an organic baby range! But you may ask why is organic cotton beneficial for your baby?  

Firstly, What is Organic Cotton? 

Organic cotton is grown free from synthetic agricultural materials processes, for example, pesticides and resultant cotton is “purer.” The process of production is also healthier for the environment so as to maintain the fertility of the soil. The omission of pesticide usage is beneficial to maintain biodiversity and the environment.  


Why choose Organic cotton for your baby? 

There are many reasons why organic cotton may be a better choice for your little latte. The production of cotton uses chemicals, which can cause irritation for your baby’s skin. Baby’s skin is more permeable, sensitive and delicate compared to adult’s skin. While ordinary cotton is good to use on baby’s skin as it is breathable, organic cotton may be a better option if your baby suffers from allergies or eczema.



We simply love the fun and cute designs of Piccalilly products! But that’s not all. Piccalilly go a step further in having full control of the production of their products in the supply chain. No formaldehyde, solvents, toxic chemicals or silicone based softeners are used ensuring the end result is free from toxic residues regularly found in garment manufacturing.


Not only does that mean they can have confidence in the quality of the products but also the welfare of the farmers growing the organic cotton in India. Piccalilly work in partnership with a Fairtrade & organic project in India called COFA (Chetna Organic Farmers Association). That means good wages for farmers and no child labour.


Lastly, All Piccalilly’s organic cotton is certified organic by Control Union and ECOCERT to GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) standards.


What’s not to love? Check out our organic range here!

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