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Hi there and welcome to our very first blog post!  Its a new year and a new start and we have some big plans for 2016.

At Babycchinos believe life doesn’t have to be hard when you have children. We believe both parents can take an active role in parenting and so have an equally beautiful relationship with the new arrival. Here at Babycchinos, we are passionate about having fun and families growing together on their life’s journey.

So why the name Babycchinos? Our idea is the concept of the working mum or dad, having a well-deserved coffee break. But it doesn’t stop there. What about Junior? We believe in the modern day we are so lucky to live in a time of paternity leave and lots of gizmos and gadgets which allows fathers to get more involved in parenting from the very start. Here at Babycchinos, we believe you should be having fun with your little one so we are dedicated to finding new (and old) ways to make parenting a doddle!

So whilst yummy mummy and delicious daddy are resting those feet, little Junior gets a little treat of their own…a warm frothy babycchino!

We’d love to read your comments/suggestions and we’d love to see pictures of you and your little lattes, please post below 🙂

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Babycchinos is the marriage of parenthood and practicality. We empower the modern day mummy & daddy and are keen to share our products and concepts with all new parents! 🙂

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