Push Gift Ideas

A push gift is a gift a father gives to the new mummy after giving birth. Some say it’s a way of fathers thanking their other half for carrying the new arrival for nine months and delivering the special little one to the world.

Push gifts became particularly famous when Prince William gifted the Duchess of Cornwall various gifts when she delivered their first child, Prince George in July 2013. One gift is allegedly a diamond broach with a pink diamond in the centre. Mariah Carey, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce have also joined the “push gift” club.

Don’t worry about spending too much on a push gift, after all you have a new arrival which is a huge expense in itself! The idea is to capture the moment for you both to cherish.

Here are a few of our favourite ideas:



A piece of jewellery is wonderful gift to present to the new mummy. Here are a few faves:


  • Ah the classic Tiffany. Whether it’s a bracelet, ring, necklace, its a girl’s best friend! Check out the full range at www.tiffany.co.uk


Tiffany Infinity Bracelets

Source: www.tiffany.co.uk


  • Pandora Charm Bracelet: If your partner has a Pandora bracelet, you could mark this wonderful moment with a new baby charm courtesy of Pandora. If your “better half” doesn’t already own a Pandora bracelet, why not gift her a brand new bracelet to start off this new chapter of your lives?


  • We love Hand On Heart Jewellery  at www.handonheartjewellery.co.uk where you can get the footprints or handprints of your newborn with the birthdate engraved into a keyring, necklace and many more!


“Time Stood Still” Keyring

Source: www.handonheartjewellery.co.uk




  • Treat her to an Afternoon Tea somewhere special. There are lots to choose from, from the traditional to the fun and quirky. We love the Alice in Wonderland at the Sanderson Hotel, Oxford Street. Check out http://afternoontea.co.uk for more details and offers!


  • Postnatal pamper: Why not treat her to a post-birth massage and spa day or even go on a couple’s spa day? Check out www.treatwell.co.uk and www.spabreaks.com for deals and offers. We love the Bulgari Spa at the Bulgari Hotel, Knightsbridge.


Picture source: www.bulgarihotels.com


  • We love the shopping experience, afternoon tea and spa for two at Harrods by www.trulyexperiences.com


  • Why not treat her to a customized fragrance worthy of Marilyn Monroe and Queen Victoria at the Royal Perfumers Floris from www.trulyexperience.com




A keep-sake gift to mark the arrival of the little bundle of joy. Here are some of our favourites:

  • Tiffany baby gifts: There are a few adorable keep-sake gifts available which would be perfect little treasures to mark the new arrival. From silver spoons to piggy banks, these are the absolutely lovely!


  • Smythson have a wonderful array of keep-sake boxes and jewellery boxes. We love the baby book


  • We love this Family Memory Book from www.notonthehighstreet.com (http://www.notonthehighstreet.com/redcherrypublishing/product/all-about-everybody-in-my-family)


Baby Book

Source: www.smythson.com



Preparing for the new arrival encounters a lot of expense so a practical push gift may be suitable alternative. Here are a few ideas:

  • A Rocking chair is a useful gift for mummy (and daddy) to rock the newborn to sleep. We love the Kub Haywood Glider Nursing Chair and Footstool from John Lewis


  • A Smart Camera is a great gift to capture all the new moments on your new journey. With WiFi enabled you can share your snaps with friends and family on social media in a flash!


  • Treat her out to a fantastic meal so she can eat all the food she held back on whilst pregnant.


  • Personal chef and house cleaner for a week. Trust us, she will love this!



If the bundle of joy is early (or you have left it to the last minute!), flowers and balloons are always a winner. Check out




Source: www.flyingflowers.co.uk

What is your idea of a perfect Push Gift? We’d love to hear your suggestions!


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