Parent Issue #4: Latte Papas

What are Latte Papas?

The term “latte papas” has come from Sweden where since the 1970s both mothers and fathers were given parental leave to look after their children. In Sweden its common to see daddies in coffee shops taking a break with junior – giving us the term “latte papas.” We love this idea! This is the way forward for an better (and equal) world for us all. In the UK similar laws came into place in April 2015 – Shared Parental Leave. This is where mums and dads have the option to share the maternity leave between them in the first year of the child’s life. Read our log post on the discussion on this here. Also thanks to celebrities such as David Beckham who have taken on the role of stay-at-home dad whilst Victoria Beckham pursues her fashion career.

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The brilliant thing about Latte Papas is it breaks down the stereotypes on parenthood such as “it’s the mother’s job” and “dads must go to work to earn to feed the family.” We don’t live in those times anymore. Women want careers and for a lot of them, their careers are only starting to gain momentum at the time they also start a family. Fathers have more of an interest in raising their children than in previous generations. We are living in different times and we should embrace the step forward for humankind.

Many results of this “convergence” in parenthood is showing fantastic results such as fathers being able to form stronger bonds with their children from an earlier age. There is also more of an understanding of parenthood from both mum and dad’s point of view. For example the old stereotype of mum “putting her feet up” because she’s at home all day. Stay-at-home dads know all too well this isn’t the case! Raising a child is hard work – the baby doesn’t care if you are not feeling well or you can’t do it today. There are no luxury of routines!
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In the UK, when women have children their careers slow down or they leave their jobs altogether to either become full-time mothers or decide to freelance in order to have flexible working hours. In Sweden this is not the case. Women are supported and encouraged by both Government and workplaces alike as they value women’s expertise and contributions as valuable assets to the economy. Whereas, in the UK this is not yet seen. Unlike in Sweden where the Government holds most of the burden of parental leave pay (which is funded by the taxpayer), employers have to take the burden which may be the biggest reason why the UK is taking its time to adapt to this new policy. That too wrapped with the new post-Brexit economy. Let’s hope this is just a case of “change takes time” and that eventually we will move in the direction of the Swedes.

What do you think of the concept of Latte Papas? We’d love to read about your experiences!

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