Mummy + Daddy = The Parent Issue #1

Welcome to our very first edition of The Parent Issue! We at Babycchinos believe in the marriage of parenthood and practicality – yes, that means both mummy and daddy. There are some amazing blogs, information tools and articles out there that talk about the issues, tantrums and experiences from mummy’s perspective in mummy focussed forums and alike for daddy forums – but why not both together?

Parenthood means facing the hiccups, tantrums and experiences together and surely by being in tune with what the other partner is going through as a new parent, we are better equipped to support each other in getting past the hurdles and to better embrace the journey you are taking together. This is what The Parent Issue is all about. We look forward to sharing this passage together 🙂


So let’s jump into our first topic….


Gender Equality – Is Society Keeping Up?


In this modern age where women and men are fighting for gender equality, it makes even more sense for us to be sync with our significant other and tackle social stereotypes which are well past their “best by” date. There needs to be a consistent force which will make this movement powerful enough to make a considerable change in breaking these social labels . Whether it’s “the man’s role is to go to work while the woman stays at home with the baby” or “it’s a woman’s job to change the baby’s nappy”.

We all know things are not as black and white anymore. Its the norm for women to work and bring home the bacon – so why do women get paid less than men? Fathers are more involved with bringing up the baby so why is it not normal to have a baby changing facility not located in the ladies toilet?


Here at Babycchinos, we want to be part of this movement. Whether its supporting a voice or through our products, we want to drive the change which makes parenthood an equal footing for both mums and dads – to ultimately make the experience of being a parent even more amazing!


To kick start this issue, we’d like to introduce you to Al Ferguson, the power mind behind The Dad Network. Al does not only write about the experiences of being a new dad with helpful hints and tricks, Al is driving the #dadsforchange movement. Al has highlighted a very serious, yet oddly oblivious issue for most people – there are very few facilities for fathers to change their child’s nappies. Most baby changing facilities are only available in the ladies toilets – what does a father do?

Read Al’s Blog to see the horrifying ordeals fathers have to go through and you will find this is simply shocking. This goes even beyond the male/female equality struggle and straight to the issue of the wellbeing of the child. Surely this is paramount? We ask you to join The Dad Network’s campaign and spread the word that this needs to change. Vote for “Parent Changing Facilities” for both men and women.


We are pleased to learn that Al has managed to obtain a response from some of the major High Street Chains. Check out The Daddy Network Blog for more news and information. Well done Al! Keep up the good work 🙂


The perfect changing facility: Separate baby changing facility which is neither in ladies’ toilets or the mens’.


Al has made an remarkable start by getting the word out and has achieved some amazing results. However, more can be done. We ask that you join Al’s #dadsforchange campaign by signing the petition on Al’s website. Hopefully we achieve changing facilties for both mum and dad and ultimately, little junior.


Check out The Dad Network Blog and the #dadsforchange.


The Babycchinos Team is busy as bees working on bringing you daddy friendly products for all your parenting needs! Check out our site soon!

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