Date Night…not just for Valentine’s Day

Its Valentine’s Day! No doubt you will be lavished with a dozen red roses and whisked away for a romantic dinner. But love is not only for Valentines Day. It’s important to keep a relationship alive, especially where our hectic schedules with work and kids can leave no time for each other. This can lead to feeling disconnected in a relationship even when you are not physically away from each other..


Here are a few ideas to make some “alone time”:


  1. Leave the kids at friends or relatives for a slumber party while the both of you have a lovely dinner togetherand rekindle the romance.
  2. After the bambinos have gone to bed, set aside an hour or so to put the TV off and just catch up over a glass of wine or a warm cup of cocoa.
  3. Try cooking dinner together to squeeze in some alone time and get a chore done at the same time!
  4. Take a day off work while the youngins are at daycare – spend a sneaky day together enjoying the city or the country to reconnect. It’ll be your little secret!
  5. Plan a weekend break away together, just the two of you, while leaving the kiddies with their grandparents or aunts & uncles.


This Valentine’s, lets remember we don’t need a hallmark holiday to remind us show love to our significant other. Let’s try and make time for our loved ones even with our hectic schedules. Its more about the time and memories you create together rather than the gifts you receive and money spent.


As Will Smith as Alex Hitch Hitchens wisely said in the movie “Hitch” – “Life is not the amount of breaths you take, it’s the moments that take your breath away”…


We’d love to hear from you! Share your ideas with us on how you fit in some alone time!



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