The Ultimate Changing Bag

Posted by Dimple Soni on

At Babycchinos our mission is to find the best changing bag for today's modern (very busy) parent. We are super excited to introduce to you our newest collection to our store - the Bucket Zip Backpack Changing Bag!

 Babycchinos - Bucket Zip Backpack Changing Bag

This changing bag is the dreams of parents everywhere! This bag is so well designed that for its size, you are able to carry all the essentials without feeling the bulk of what you are carrying. For starters, it’s a backpack changing bag. What better way to carry all the necessities because we know there are LOTS of necessities when it comes to children! Easy to sling on your shoulders for mama or papa allowing you to focus on making those precious memories with your children.


Babycchinos - Bucket Zip Backpack front viewBabycchinos - Bucket Zip Backpack side view



 This bag’s innovative design means there are so many nifty compartments and pockets which makes use of all the space yet nothing goes missing. What really sets this bag out from the standard changing bag is that each compartment is really easy to get to. So, imagine you are out and about and your little one starts to cry. But you can’t stop to put the bag down to rummage through your bag for the one little thing you need, be it baby wipes, a bottle, a toy, you name it. Well, this bag comes to the rescue. Each compartment is neatly arranged so you can easily get to each of the pockets without other items getting in the way. You don’t even have to stop and set down with this changing bag, just simply fling it off one shoulder and unzip the pocket needed and grab whatever you need with one hand! Easy as pie. We know parenthood can be challenging but your changing bag needn’t be with this awesome bag

Babycchinos - Bucket Zip Backpack top view

We love the signature bucket zip. Now this is a lifesaver. What really sets this bag from the rest is it's innovative bucket zip opening which keeps the structure of the bag upright and keeps the main frame pocket open - no hands required! The reason its called the ‘bucket zip’ is the main zipped pocket has a structured frame so when opened, it will stay open in a wide, neat opening allowing you to easily get to what you need. There is also a very handy side easy-access wipes pocket where you can pre-pack baby wipes or wet wipes for easy grab on the go. This practical pocket will save you precious time whilst out and about.
Babycchinos Bucket Zip Changing Bag - back view
We know how going out with your child can be a handful so the last thing you want to do is forget your phone or wallet. Well this bag has you covered with a secret small zipped pocket at the back where you can store these, so one less thing to worry about!
The bucket zip backpack is the perfect changing bag for both mums and dads and we have many designs and patterns from the smart, everyday look to the fun and quirky. At just £45 it won’t break the bank either. Check out our full collection of Bucket Zip Backpack Changing Bags here.