Parent hacks for a newborn

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Being a new parent is exciting, tiring and terrifying all in one! The first couple of weeks can be the most daunting as you get to grips with looking after a whole new human being! To help you get through these daunting couple of weeks, we have put together this nifty list of parent hacks that we're sure you will swear by! 

1) Rest is best:

It's important to not keep a newborn awake for more than 90 minutes at a time - they need their rest.


2) Don't make it, mash it: don't waste money on a baby food maker when you can simply mash the food yourself with a fork. Most baby food (eg bananas, peas etc) is soft once cooked, so mashing is a doddle!

Mashed Baby Food

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3) Diaper dilemmas: meconium (or tar-like poops) is baby's first couple of poops. This can be very difficult to clean as this tends to stick to baby's bottom. A neat tip is to put a layer of coconut or almond oil on baby's bottom for a few days. This will create a layer of moisture on the baby's skin so its easy to wipe baby's bottom without the sticky leftover!


4) Gone with the wind: If baby has trapped wind or gas, lift baby's legs, push the legs towards baby's chest (with knees bent), then stretch out the legs to full position. Repeat this a few times. This will help release any trapped wind.   


5) Nail Detail: The best time to cut baby's nails is 20 minutes after baby has fallen asleep. No fuss, no muss!


6) Soothing & snuggling after a nice soak: warm the towel gently with heating pads and use to dry baby after bath. This will help ease them with the change of temperature and avoid all those post bath time tantrums!


7) Easy Listening: to help baby sleep, play white noise to calm them to sleep. There a few nifty apps available for your smartphone. This is also useful to train baby to get used to sleeping in not so quiet surroundings.


8) Poops Ahoy!: An envelope babysuit is an absolute god-send when it comes to explosive poops! These are super easy to remove over the head so you can get straight in there!

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9) Wardrobe Whats its: What to dress the baby?  Well, the general rule is one more layer than you are wearing. However, touch baby's tummy or chest to check their body temperature and judge the clothing layers appropriately.


10) Poopy-Pee Patterns: make a note of when your baby feeds, sleeps, poops and pees with a note of the consistency. Babies produce 6 wet nappies a day a few weeks after birth and the urine should be clear and not too smelly. These are useful for you to get to know the pattern of your baby and is also useful to show to the health visitor.

Do you have any useful tips for new parents? Comment below! We'd love to hear some!