Going on a Babymoon?

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So you have a little bundle of joy on the way, why not indulge yourselves in one last relaxing, romantic getaway to make the most of your last days of just the two of you?

Before you jet off there are few things to consider. Every pregnancy differs so make sure you are comfortable to travel. Normally the best time to travel is during 4-6 months of pregnancy as the beginning and end stages can be uncomfortable for mummy-to-be. Here is a short checklist:


1)    Zika virus: Since the outbreak of the Zika virus it is not advised for pregnant women to travel to certain outbreak areas, namely in South America. 

More information can be found here:


2)    Vaccinations: If you are travelling to a country where you require vaccinations, check with your GP as some inoculations are not advised as it may harm the baby.


3)    Plane sailing: If you are flying make sure you check with the airline for their policy on flying whilst pregnant as different airlines have different rules. If you are more than 28 weeks pregnant the airline may ask for a letter from your doctor or midwife confirming your due date and that you are not at risk of complications. Remember to keep hydrated, keep moving and to reduce the risk of DVT (deep vein thrombosis) wear support stockings available from the pharmacy.


 4)    Hunger Pangs: Travelling whilst pregnant can be tiring so make sure you take lots of breaks and keep nourished. Drink plenty of bottled water and eat natural food (fruit and nuts).


5)    Shade me: Pregnancy can be uncomfortable, and when you are away from home its even more important to keep comfortable. Wear loose, airy clothes. Slather on the sunscreen and seek the shade.


 6)    Safe medicine: If you fall ill read the box of the medicine carefully as some are not suitable to consume whilst pregnant. Remember to keep eating and drink water, even if you are not hungry to keep the baby healthy. Check out the medical location and facilities in the area you are travelling to (just in case!)


Location, location, location!

Whether you are looking for a sun-soaked beach break or a relaxed spa holiday, there many holiday providers offering fantastic breaks for the up and coming trend of babymoons. Here are our top picks:


1)    Spa Away: Why not treat the both of you to a spa retreat and indulge yourselves in ultimate relaxation? One of our faves is The Scarlet Hotel in Cornwall. They provide special Babymoon packages which includes pregnancy yoga, massages, facials and more.


 2)    Reveal your inner Goddess: Want to take it a step further? Holy Mama Ibiza offer specialised pregnancy retreats for mama-to-be. Think perfect tranquil surrounding coupled with a yoga retreat. Psst..also includes baby sitting services.


 3)    Beach Getaway: Sometimes just lying on a sun-drenched beach is just what the doctor ordered. One of our favourite hotspots is Dubai. If you stay at a beachfront hotel, most have private beaches to allow you to fully relax and escape. Luxurious and clean, it’s the perfect getaway. If you decided to head out into civilisation sightseeing is not strenuous, there’s lots of shopping available and there is air conditioning everywhere!




 4)    Far and Fabulous: Want the ultimate luxurious escape? Why not head to the Four Seasons in the Maldives. Immerse yourselves in complete paradise as you soak in the surroundings of tranquil and private villa:

Fancy something different? Check out Jakarta, Indonesia. The Fairmont Hotel offers special Babymoon packages. Perfect for breakfast in bed and spa retreat.


 5)    On a budget: Rather save money for the new arrival? Why not go for a Baby Spa Day instead? offer special deals starting from only £64pp.


6)    Country Estate: Stoke Park in Buckinghamshire is a beautiful luxurious 300 acre private estate voted the winner in the “Ultimate Members Club 2015” by the 59Club Awards 2015. Complete with a tennis court, golf course, croquet, luxurious spa, beautiful gardens and a lake. The Afternoon Tea is not to be missed as it was voted ‘Britains Best Afternoon Tea’ by The Daily Telegraph 2014.

 Stoke Park

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7)    Want an expert? Still not sure? Get a specialist to organise your trip for you at:

-       Original Travel:

-       Scott Dunn


Have you been on a Babymoon? Where did you go and what was your most memorable moment? We’d love to hear about your experiences!




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