Enjoy Veganary with our Faux Leather Changing Bags

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Are you ready to join Veganary? We have the changing bag for you!

We have a fantastic range of vegan faux leather changing bags, perfect to match Veganary. These changing bags look and feel like luxurious leather, complete with the leather-like grain. These faux leather changing bags are great because not only are these bags are a fraction of the price of real leather changing bags, they are also guilt-free.

Vegan Faux Leather Backpack Changing Bag

We love these excellent quality faux leather changing bags as they have an expensive leather fee, are waterproof and wipe clean like real leather. However unlike real leather bags these changing bags are lightweight and cruelty-free.

Vegan Faux Leather Backpack Changing Bag

Our faux leather changing bags are perfect for every busy parent as these bags are great for doubling up as work bags for the office as they are smart-looking. These bags are also great for the gym as you can use the thermal bottle pockets to use to keep your water bottle cool! Keep yourself super-organised with the carefully placed pockets and compartments for easy-to-reach on the go. There’s even a secret compartment to keep valuables on the go. All of our faux leather changing bags come with matching accessories such as changing mat and wet pouch to store soiled items separately.

Vegan Faux Leather Backpack Changing Bag

We have so many colours of faux leather changing bag backpacks to choose from; from tan grey and black to bold red and fun baby pink. Watch this space as we are adding more faux leather changing bag styles very soon.

Vegan Faux Leather Backpack Changing Bag



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