Advice for Expecting Dads

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So you’ve just heard the news. She’s pregnant! There are a million things going through your mind. How will we cope? Is there enough money? When should we tell people? But there is one thing for sure – pregnancy changes everything. But just because she is carrying the baby doesn’t mean dads don’t experience changes of their own and there are loads you can still do to get involved and help your partner on this wonderful journey. Our team at Babycchinos have come up with helpful hints and tips for the new daddy-to-be:


1) Get Involved

Don’t underestimate how much you can get involved. Talk to her about her cravings, how she’s feeling and how she’s doing. Pregnancy, especially the first pregnancy, can be daunting and helping her to discuss it with you will make her feel you are there for her for support and help her to feel less alone in the experience. Get to know her sleeping and eating patterns and changes along the way. Discuss the birth plan, go to the Lamaze classes and go to the hospital appointments. You will learn a lot, which will help later on.


2) Tell her she’s amazing

Don’t underestimate a compliment. Not only because she is J but because she is going through so much change. All the hormones and body changes can make her feel uncomfortable, its important to show her support by reminding her how amazing and beautiful she is.

 Advice for Expecting Dads - Hands on Bump



3) Hormones

Her moods will swing and sometimes you will not be prepared for it. These are stronger in the first and third trimester. She is going through a lot emotionally as well as physically and your job is to support her and hug her. Just don’t take it personally and do what you can to help; give her space, talk to her in a calm way (don’t talk back in aggression) and encourage her to relax (listen to music or give her a gentle massage).


4) Getting in the mood

Depending on the pregnancy its not unusual for her to either have a high or low sex drive. If you decide to get it on don’t be afraid to talk about different positions that may work better.


5) Be the “All-in-One” Guy

Be prepared to carry out all sorts of duties at all hours. She will have needs at the most unholy hours. Just do it. She is carrying life and understandably will get very tired and irritable. That means its your moment to shine. She wants strawberries at 2am? You get it. Your role is to support and that means being the chauffeur, cook, cleaner, hair-holder, the list goes on! You are her rock and trust us, she will be grateful!


Advice for Expecting Dads - Labour



6) Labour & Delivery

Its showtime! You may feel overwhelmed, but can you imagine what she must be going through? Keep calm and be prepared for anything! Know the birth plan and triple check you have everything for the delivery. Check out our exclusive Babycchinos hospital bag checklist that includes everything you need for mummy, baby and daddy.


Keep talking to her as labour progresses to help find positions and things you can do to help with the pain she experiences. Being comforted by the father has wonderful effects to easing labour.


Ps. Don’t forget the camera!


7) New Arrival

When the bundle of joy arrives, don’t be surprised to be left out. Babies naturally bond with the mother first, especially because of breastfeeding. But that doesn’t mean you can’t spend time with junior. Get involved to help with breastfeeding finding positions that work and holding the baby.


Back at home, keep to helping with the chores and cooking. She will be tired and sore. Help with the baby when you can (after work and weekends). It’s not fair to lumber her with all the responsibilities day and night. She needs a break too. Get up in the night when the baby cries, even if she is breastfeeding. Be there and show her the support.


Do you have any advice for new dads? We’d love to hear them so please share them below!