A Fresh Look At Changing Bags

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We are super excited to have introduced our Colorland Multi-Way Changing Bag! Why are we excited? Because this is a huge step towards bridging the inequality gap between parents!

We have moved away from the stereotype that “mothers stay at home to raise the child whilst fathers go to work to bring home the bacon”. We have moved into a new age where mothers go back to work after having children, and fathers are becoming more involved with raising the kids. In our opinion, this is hugely beneficial for the family overall.

Mothers are able to achieve a sense of purpose outside the home (of course being a mother is an immensely important purpose, but to have a purpose outside the home also adds to her sense of belonging in this world, especially when the kids grow up).

At the same time, fathers are more involved with raising their child which widens the breath of the relationship they can experience with their young ones. Altogether this helps bring up a child with a balanced viewpoint of their parents and the world – understanding how both parents have equally contributed to their upbringing and therefore understand that men and women are equal which is vital for both boys and girls in order to move the human race forward.

Therefore it is important that products and services also move with the times so that this change is encouraged. The Colorland Multi-Way Changing Bag does exactly this.

These ergonomically designed changing bags are perfectly designed to be worn by either mummy or daddy – the ultimate 2 in 1 bag!

Colorland Multi-way Changing Bag - Brown

For mummies & daddies who prefer the conventional shoulder and tote bag, this function is available to you. Those who prefer to free up their hands, you’ll be pleased to learn you can wear the changing bag as a cross body bag and even a backpack!

Colorland Multi-way Changing Bag - Navy Blue


For the fathers, we suspect the backpack function will be winning extra points with you too! That’s not all - where this bag exceeds comfort expectations, it does not compromise on its functional uses.

Colorland Multi-way Changing Bag - Red

This bag also comes with loads of pockets of different sizes complete with a bottle warmer and matching accessories including a changing mat! Now that’s what I call a full monty!

Colorland Multi-way Changing Bag Accessories

Find out more about these amazing changing bags:


1)    Can be worn in 4 different ways for your comfort (Backpack, Cross Body Bag, Shoulder Bag, Tote Bag) .The straps can easily adjusted, removed or folded away so as to not compensate your comfort. 

2)    Loaded with many pockets to you won’t be short on space including a side pocket with a bottle warmer. 

3)    Comes with accessories including a matching changing matt 

4)    Made of light durable material which can easily be wiped clean and easy to maintain 

5)    These bags come in a variety of different colours and designs.


This bag is the ultimate changing bag for any new budding family. Stylishly designed with both parents in mind, you’ll never be lost with one of these beauties!

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What do you think about these changing bags? Share your thoughts below, we'd love to hear them! :)