10 Fun Ways To Tell Your Partner You Are Pregnant

Posted by Dimple Soni on

So you were feeling a bit odd, something feels different....you have a niggling feeling you just might be.....You take the test, and lo and behold, you're pregnant!


Now, how to share this with your other half? Why not have fun with it and make it something to truly remember, something you can both look back on and laugh with tears in your eyes! Here are some of our suggestions to make that moment extra special:


1) Spell it out: for all you scrabble fans, why not give a hint or spell it out in a game of scrabble? No one will be counting the score, I promise....


2) Tootsies Talk: a carefully placed pair of baby socks or baby shoes in a place he looks quite often (e.g. inside his bag/briefcase or in his sock drawer) is a playful way to catch him off guard to capture his surprise in a way you will both remember forever.

 Baby Booties On a Briefcase


3) Why not rhyme?: why not surprise him with a poem? Something along the lines of:


Roses are red,

Violets are blue,

I hope you like nappy changing,

Cos its your job 'til baby's two!  


4) Keep it simple: A cute and simple way is to simply put a Post-It note on his pillow while he is sleeping. When he wakes up, it'll be the first thing he sees! (Just make sure he doesn't roll over it and stick to his forehead!)

 Post It Note on a Pillow

5) Passed The Test: A strategically placed pregnancy test which shows your results will make him jump! Whether its on the night stand or the bathroom sink. Just don't put it in his morning cup of coffee!


6) Tea for Three: This one reminds me of the three bears....a nice subtle way to let him know is serve to three cups of tea - two normal sized cups of tea together with a small baby cup of tea. That'll let him know something is brewing!!


7) Baby On Board: For all you practical peeps, why not put a "Baby On Board" sign where he will find it? That way you can use it when the baby arrives!


And to make that moment extra special, why not try these useful tips:


They say a picture says a thousand words, so if you can take a picture of film your surprise, it'll be something that will tickle you both for many years to come!


If you can, have music playing in the background - in the future, whenever you hear this song it will take you both back to that special moment.  


Got any tips? We'd love to hear about how you popped the surprise to your other half by commenting below!