Your Guide To Choosing Your Hospital Bag

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There are a variety of bag styles, sizes and shapes to choose from to decide your hospital bag, but how to find out which is the best bag for you? We at Babycchinos have put together this comprehensive guide (with a free download of our very own Hospital Bag Checklist) on how to choose your hospital bag.


For most parents, the hospital bag is the first bag they will need when having a baby. It’s a good idea to start sorting the hospital bag as early as 36 weeks in case the baby decides to beat all celebrity tardiness rules and arrive early! 

The hospital bag is generally on the bigger side, as you will need to take things for yourself (clothes, underwear, toiletries etc), the baby (nappies, clothes etc) and also for your partner.

Click here to download our FREE Hospital Bag Checklist to help you pack your hospital bag.


Duffel Changing Bags

Some people prefer a bigger bag, which can later on be used for longer days out, weekend trips away and if you go on to have more kids, these a good for packing for 2! Duffel Bags are a good option for the hospital bag as they have the bigger capacity, as well as a long, wide opening which makes it easy to get in and out quickly and easily. These can be carried in hand or cross-body style. They are useful later on as you can simply drape the strap of the bag on the pushchair handle on days out.

We have a wide range of duffel bags which would be perfect. From smart looking bags to modern chic, all our duffel bags can be worn as cross body, side-shoulder or carried in hand. They are loaded with internal pockets to keep you organised, as well as come with its own matching changing mat. Our bags also have insulated thermal pockets, perfect for keeping warm drinks warm (and cold drinks cold!) as well as food – a perfect pocket for storing your snacks whilst in the hospital!

The general “boxy” structure of the bag helps you compartmentalise things for you and things for the baby – a place for everything and everything in it’s place!

We have a vast range of duffel bags which slightly differ in design to suit different preferences. This is normally with different sized pockets in different locations of the bag, the structure, colour and designs – all to suit different preferences and tastes. So there is a bag for everyone!

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Babycchinos "Signature" Changing Bag - Duffel / Messenger - Unisex Grey

Our very own Babycchinos Signature bag has a very useful solid frame in its main compartment, so that when the bag is open it stays open, so you can get in and out with just one hand! In a classic grey colour, this is the perfect unisex bag.  

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Babycchinos - Our Royal Baby - Official Partner

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Backpack Changing Bags

If a backpack is really more of your preference, we also have a range of Large Bucketzip Changing Bags which have the same solid frame which keeps the bag open so you can get in and out with one hand.

These large backpacks have a larger than normal capacity from our usual Bucket Zip Changing Bags, making this a perfect bag to take to the hospital. The difference between this bag and the duffel version, is the backpack is taller and narrower, whilst the duffel bag is shorter and wider.

The backpack would require you to stack your items. However, this bag has a useful back access pocket which allows you to dive straight into the bottom of the main compartment, allowing you to get to the bottom of the pile without riffling through the pile in the main compartment.

Large Bucket Zip Backpack Changing Bag – Navy Blue

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These come in a large range of colours from the smart navy and black to the more fun colours such as orange.


Multi-way Changing Bags

For those who cannot decide - this is the perfect changing bag range!

Our Multi-way Changing Bag range has a variety of bags which can be worn as a duffel bag, cross body or rucksack – giving you and your partner even more options! 

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We hope this guide helped you find the perfect hospital bag for you! Staying organised will help you and your partner through the first stages of parenthood – the birth, and we hope these bags help you in these first steps to making the birth a magical experience.