Introduction to Changing Bags – How to choose the right changing bag for you

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We at Babycchinos understand searching for the perfect changing bag is no easy task. Finding what you will need and what is out there can be quite overwhelming and often confusing. Whether you are a parent-to-be or a parent already, the use of the bag can change over time as well as with your lifestyle. That’s why we have put together this quick guide on how to choose the right changing bag for you!


As the shift towards equality in parenthood is the centre of our universe here at Babycchinos London, we pride ourselves on having a wide variety of unisex changing bags to suit all tastes and preferences for both mums and dads.


For the Hospital


For most parents, the hospital bag is the first bag they will need when having a baby. It’s a good idea to start sorting the Hospital Bag as early as 36 weeks in case the baby decides to beat all celebrity tardiness rules and arrive early!


The hospital bag is generally on the bigger side, as you will need to take things for yourself (clothes, underwear, toiletries etc), the baby (nappies, clothes etc) and also for your partner. Duffel Bags are a good option for the hospital bag as they have the bigger capacity, as well as a long, wide opening which makes it easy to get in and out quickly and easily. These can be carried in hand or cross-body style.

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Larger backpack changing bags are preferred by some as it’s easy to sling on (more likely your partner’s) shoulder whilst keeping their hands free, and easier to carry. The structure of the bags tend to be taller and narrower compared to duffel bags. Our Buckzip Changing Bags have a very clever back-access pocket so you can dive straight to the bottom of the main compartment without riffling through the main bigger pocket!



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All our changing bags are loaded with pockets to keep you organised so you can grab what you need quickly and easily.


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For Days Out With Your First Baby


For the first few outings with to be short as you get used to venturing out with your little one. As you become more used to it, over time you will eventually venture out for longer periods of time. You will want to make sure you are equipped for every eventuality. It’s a good idea to take a bag which is comfortable to wear as well as sits on the pram. Backpack changing bags are becoming very popular as they are easy to carry and keep your hands free, as well as can be hooked to the pram with pram pegs. They are also a great unisex option so both parents can wear the bag.


We have a wide range of options for backpack changing bags to suit all tastes and preferences.


Buckzip Backpack Changing Bags:


These bags come equipped with a solid frame in the main pocket. Once the bag is open, this frame allows the bag to stay open so you can get in and out with one hand!


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Backpack Changing Bag


With a more conventional layout and appearance these backpack changing bags can easily be mistaken to be a normal everyday rucksack! With durable shoulder padding, these bags are super comfortable to wear on long days out.


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Multi-way Changing Bags


For those who can’t decide if you prefer a backpack or cross-body / messenger style changing bag – this bag is for you! Our multi-way changing bags can be worn as a duffel bag, backpack and tote bag. This is perfect for those couples who have different preferences – so mum can wear the bag as a tote and dad can wear the same bag as a backpack – everyone is happy!


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Packing Lighter – Mini Changing Bags


Some parents prefer to pack lighter for quick trips out with the baby (so you don’t necessity need the full baby changing arsenal!). Some parents prefer to keep things separate – a mini changing bag for the baby (which can be kept on the pram stroller) and mum to wear her usual handbag. For some parents where the child is older, for example a toddler who is potty trained, they don’t need to carry too much changing gear. Of course every parent is different and it really depends on what works for you.


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Onto Baby Number 2


If you are packing for a baby and a toddler, it’s a good idea to invest in a slightly bigger bag as you will essentially be carrying for 3 people – your baby, your toddler and you! Therefore we definitely recommend a backpack changing bag. As the bag will naturally be a bit heavier, a rucksack is a more comfortable option as it balances the weight on your shoulders and back. This is also a great way to keep your hands free and is a fantastic unisex option as dads are more accustomed to wearing rucksacks.

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Some parents prefer a shoulder or cross-body bag which can be carried as a duffel bag, these are a good option if you prefer to drape the bag on the stroller for most of the time. Duffel bags are a good option as they have a bigger opening so once draped on the pram, it is easy to get in and out of the bag.


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Want Your Changing Bag For Both Mummy & Daddy (Unisex)?


Unisex changing bags are great because both parents can use the changing bag, or take turns carrying the bag on long days out.

We have a fantastic range of changing bags to cater to the different tastes and styles of mum and dads. We have a feminine range, a masculine range (dad bags) as well as a unisex range of changing bags. Although the basic features of the changing bags are all the same, the colour scheme and patterns differ to suit every taste. For example, for mums we have changing bags which include cute pastel colours and unicorns. For dads, we have darker colours such as navy blue and khaki colours and camouflage designs. We also have the lovely unisex range such as grey, black and tan colours as well as unisex designs such as arrows and chevron patterns.


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We hope you found this guide helpful. We will be rolling out more useful guides on how to choose your changing bag -  so stay tuned!