Baby’s Day Out Checklist

So you are taking the baby out for the first time. This can feel daunting and a bit overwhelming. Have you packed everything or have you gone overboard?! Well we at Babycchinos have your back. We have created a complete checklist of things you need to take on your baby’s day out:


1) Changing Bag: to pack all your essentials in


2) Nappies: 6-10 plus a few extra (depending on length of the outing)


3) Nappy Bags: to keep those stinky nappies at bay


4) Travel Changing Mat: these cleverly fold up to fit nicely in your changing bag. Make sure these are cleaned often to maintain hygiene.



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5) Baby wipes: a god send! Whether its to wipe off chubby cheeks, grimy hands and any other surprises!


6) Travel size nappy cream & cotton wool: to tame nappy rashes


7) Travel size sun lotion for baby (and for you): for those sunny days!


8) Petroleum Jelly: an all round staple for mummy and baby


9) Hand Sanitizer: any handbag staple.


10) Muslin swaddle: this all round necessity is useful to cover the baby whilst breastfeeding (should you wish to), for wiping the baby, for soothing and much more.


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11) 2/3 wash cloths: for quick mopping


12) Burping Cloth / Bibs: for feeding to capture those tiny (and not so tiny!) spills


13) Cotton Hat or Sunhat: in case it gets nippy or the sun comes out


14) Mittens and socks: to cover those all important fingers and toes!


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15) For Feeding: bottles & baby formula in pre-measured containers and sterile water (and food if baby is on solids)


16) Dummies / Teething Toys / Comforters: to sooth the baby


17) Small toys for entertainment: like a rattle & teething rings


18) Extra babygrows / rompers and a warm layer in case it gets cold: in case of explosive poops or extra messy feedings


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19) Essential First Aid items: eg Calpol sachets and plasters


20) Pram / Pushchair and a Rain cover


21) Blanket: for sleeping and in case the temperatures drop


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22) Car Seat (of traveling by car)


23) Snacks and water for you


24) Money


25) Phone and backup battery pack


Remember preparation is key. So if you are travelling far, make sure you have planned ahead regarding transportation and tickets (if needed).


If driving:


1) Make sure your GPS is up to date


2) Checked the route ahead of time in case of any potential road works or route diversions on the way


3) Check the tank has enough petrol


Of course add any optional extras that you feel are needed and you are all set to enjoy your baby’s day out!


Do you have any neat suggestions? Any life saver ideas? We’d love to hear them by commenting below.


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