7 Fun Pregnancy Keepsakes

Ok so we have covered in our blog Gift Ideas for Mum-to-be, how about making a keepsake of your journey of pregnancy? This is a wonderful way to remember the start of your journey to becoming parents. Here at Babycchinos we have come up with 7 nifty ideas to help capture these wonderful moments to be cherished for years to come. After all they grow up so quickly!

1) Pregnancy Test

Ahh where it all began. This is not everyone’s cup of tea but carries a lot of sentimental value to some as it’s the very beginning of your journey to becoming a parent and looking back at it will bring back all the excitement of finding out at the very first moment you discovered this. You could save these in specially designed pockets in pregnancy keepsake books or simply take a picture if it’s a digital pregnancy test (as the results disappear after 24 hours) .

2) Pregnancy Photoshoot

This is perfect for flaunting your baby bump. Capture a sweet moment with you and your partner or go all out and wacky!

  Baby Bump Photoshoot

 Picture Source: Source: http://cooldigital.photography/maternity-photography-ideas-poses-and-pictures

3) Bump Cast

This is really unusual! Get a cast made of your growing baby bump for you to keep for years to come.

Baby Bump Cast

Picture Source: http://www.babybumpproductions.co.za/products/breast-belly-cast/

4) 4D Scan

Go high tech with this idea which captures a 3D image of your baby in the womb on screen which also moves in real time. How cool is that? A 4D scan will usually be performed when you’re between 26 weeks and 32 weeks pregnant.

5) Art of Bump

Where artists paint unusual paintings on your bump (yes you read that right!) and take photos for you to keep. Talk about modern Art!

Baby Bump Art

Picture Source: http://www.boredpanda.com

6) Baby Scan Photo Frame

We love this idea which shows the first and second baby scans and at birth. Get it here.

Baby Photo Frame

Picture Source: https://www.amazon.co.uk

7) Video Time-lapse

This is quite popular at the moment! Capture your growing bump in a time-lapsed video is a fun way to remember your journey into parenthood.Here is a an example of a video which captures pregnancy in 90 seconds!

Source: YouTube.com


What keepsakes did you do? Or are you planning on creating any keepsakes? Share and comment below 🙂


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